Friends of the Campus Board of Directors

The Friends are a volunteer organization of community representatives many of whom are alumni of the UW-Baraboo/Sauk Co.

For the past 17 years the Friend’s main fundraiser has been the Grape and Gourmet Gala, a spectacular evening featuring gourmet food and award-winning wine tasting. The Gala includes moving testimonials from scholarship recipients, a live auction and a wine raffle.

When it comes to supporting our programs, fundraising events are not enough. For this reason, the Friends hold an Annual Fall Fund Drive which includes the Century Club Partner’s Endowment Fund.

The need for student financial assistance has never been greater. Please visit the Opportunities for Giving and consider making a gift.

board of directors

Front Row: Mo Reilly, Jim Kieffer, Carol Kratochwill, Tim Teelin, Amber Giddings, AuraI Umhoefer Back Row: Charlie Brumer, Melanie Platt-Gibson, Stephen Swallen, David Taylor, Ed Janairo, Dean Charles Clark, Missing: Ryan Ramnarace Photo: Bill Johnson


Executive Director:  James Kieffer
President:  Tim Teelin
Vice President:  Charlie Brumer
Secretary:  Aural Umhoefer


Baraboo:  Amber Giddings, Ryan Ramnarace, Mo Reilly, Dave Taylor, Tim Teelin, Aural Umhoefer, Bryant Hazard
Wisconsin Dells:  Melanie Platt-Gibson
Merrimac:  Carol Kratochwill
Reedsburg:  Charlie Brumer
Portage: Terry Gilman
Campus Representatives: Stephen Swallen, Dean Ed Janairo

We are also seeking new board members. Please contact Jim Kieffer at (608) 393-4407 or Aural Umhoefer at (608) 356-2318 for more information.